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Social Networking – Update. Agency Workers Regulations – Countdown to 1st October 2011. Employment Status – When is an employee not an employee?

Social Networking – Update

There is no doubt that, like it or not, Social Networking has become a central part of our daily lives and that includes our working lives. It is not news that the potential cost to employers of misuse of the internet and social media during working time is estimated at billions each year, but on top of this, serious problems are now being encountered by employers with staff who share their views over the web – so what should we be doing about it?

This week, ACAS has published guidelines for employers on managing the use of social media and the key advice is to ensure that you have an adequate Social Networking Policy that tells your staff what is and what is not acceptable to you as an employer. Such a policy will enable you to monitor use and misuse of social media both inside and outside the workplace where it affects your business, and to take appropriate action where necessary. Check out the website www.acas.org.uk for further details and, if you don’t yet have a policy, contact jenny@jsconsult.co.uk for help to prepare one.

Agency Workers Regulations – Countdown to 1st October 2011

We don’t need to remind employers who are users of agency workers that the new regulations come into force on 1st October, but how clear are you on what the regulations mean? The impact of these changes is potentially huge for employers of large numbers of agency workers to manage their fluctuating workload, in those industries where margins are already tight. But don’t forget that we are not just talking about equal pay rates for agency workers, the regulations extend far beyond that to ensuring that agency workers’ enjoy the same basic employment rights. Contact Lia for a free fact sheet on the key elements of the regulations. lia@jsconsult.co.uk

Employment Status – When is an employee not an employee?

Many of our small business clients are attracted to the idea of contracting staff on a self-employed basis as a means of avoiding the thorny area of employee rights. But it’s not always that simple. The test of the employment relationship depends on whether or not you are deemed to have a contract of employment with an individual or a contract for services that they provide. Without clear written terms, you can easily fall foul of the legislation and when problems occur find yourself in an employment relationship with all the legal protection that this implies for your employee. We’d be happy to talk you through the key points to consider when entering into a contract to ensure that you get it right from the outset.