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Olympic Flexibility

With so much going on this year with the Jubilee Celebrations, Euro 2012 and now the Olympics just around the corner, employers have had to juggle quite a bit when it has come to requests for leave which threaten to impact their business.

Speak to anyone in the street and you are likely to get a different response if you ask what the Olympics means to them.  The spectrum ranges from keen enthusiasm to downright irritation at the inconvenience of it all.

How ever you feel about it, the Olympics is an historic event and in order to keep your employees happy, get the work done and minimise the risk of inconvenience to your customers, you need to be prepared.  Planning leave, accommodating requests to watch certain events, monitoring use of mobile phones for updates or even watching entire events on smart phones whilst at work are the things that require some thought from employers and clear guidance from you on how such activities will be viewed.  So yes, be flexible but also be fair, and make sure your employees understand that you are prepared to accommodate their requests within reasonable limits but that you also expect them to respond by being flexible by ensuring that the disruption to your business is minimised.

ACAS have published some guidelines on how to best manage through the Olympic period go to the following link for this information http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3392, and you will see that the message seems to be, flexibility.

For further guidance on managing through the Olympics, contact jenny@jsconsult.co.uk