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Jill Gardner – Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

Jill Gardner

Personal Training, Health, Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coach

Hate It! Change It!

In 2003 Jill was inspired to work in the fitness industry after, herself, suffering from a range of health issues including excess weight, depression, low self-esteem and back pain. Jill’s strong desire to help others achieve optimum health and vitality has built her a sound and reliable reputation as highly qualified and respected personal trainer/group fitness instructor.

Jill’s background is as extensive as it is diverse covering nutrition, postural and corrective exercise to lower back pain management and fat loss. After several years working exclusively for a well known gym, Jill’s passion turned into a vision and a desire to reach more people. And so her own business was born.

Jill passionately teaches weekly group exercise classes, writes articles, presents fitness based workshops and seminars and works with a select group of 1-2-1 clients. Jill works on a voluntary basis for a charity based in Milton Keynes. Climb Your Mountain helps people through difficult and challenging times encouraging exercise as a method of helping them cope.

Jill is continuing to develop innovative ways to teach people the importance and the benefits of leading a healthful life. Jill’s own unique path into fitness gives her an exceptional understanding of the difficult journey that some people may face.

Unlike most fitness professionals, Jill has no background in competitive sports. It is not from a desire to compete or win that drives Jill to ultimate fitness and vitality, instead it comes from wanting to lead a disease free and long happy life and ultimately help others to do the same.