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Jackie Dunn – Financial Life Coach

Jackie Dunn
An holistic Independent Financial Adviser of almost 20 years, Jackie retired from her role in November 2009 to embark on her new career as a Financial Life Coach. In her profession, compulsory retirement was not a prospect that Jackie was anticipating. as due competence measures are in place to ensure compliance requirements are met by all IFAs, allowing them to continue to work in the profession well beyond what we currently view as ‘normal’ retirement age. It was Jackie’s choice to change her role and to embark on a new career at an age when many are contemplating retirement.

Jackie is well aware of how the effects of envisaging the end of a working life can have. Most of her former clients were of an age that were either reaching this point or working towards leaving work forever. Jackie’s experience of working with clients over the years has enabled her to develop her skills and knowledge to give the best information and advice when planning for the next stage of their lives. Although she has given up her status and licensing as an independent financial adviser, Jackie remains qualified to give generic advice. Jackie continues to meet with a highly qualified IFA who updates her knowledge and she is committed to providing the best all-round service available. Pension schemes (there are still many, even though Pension Simplification has been with us for many years now), and tax implications of taking and/or deferring pension benefits are factored in when Jackie presents.

So – financial coaching – what’s that?

Jackie has often been referred to as an agony aunt of finance …. And in a nutshell, we can see how that fits into people’s perception of what might be involved. You see, it is, in Jackie’s experience, never about money. It’s always about attitudes and beliefs around money. For instance, if you lost your job around redundancy or ill health, would the fear get in the way of finding a working solution to your immediate needs? Might you experience low self esteem or a loss of motivation to act? How might you communicate your wants? How good are you at putting your hand up for help?

Financial life coaching is shapeless in that Jackie’s current role is not constrained by any one definition. Jackie coaches people, and her niche is identified through her financial expertise.

So you might well have an idea of how Jackie might work with you. Over the past 20+ years, she doubts if she could be shocked with matters around finance and then, again, it really is never about the money.

So, in combining the skills and experience of dealing with all socio-economic groups of people, including the business owners and their own exit strategy issues, Jackie has merged financial advice with financial life coaching. A powerful combination, especially when she shares with you that her unique selling point is breaking down and communicating complex financial issues in a simplified and understandable way.