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Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

This Bill is still rumbling away as it is being debated by Parliamentary committees , and a new clause has been added that would allow an employer to have a discussion with an employee without fearing that this conversation would be used in subsequent Employment Tribunal proceedings. These conversations have been dubbed by the government [...]

Flexible Working, is it so bad for Small Business?

The Government proposals to press forward with employment law reforms and extend flexible working rights to all employees has met with uproar from many small business owners and their representatives.  The commonly held view is that the government is reneging on its promises to support small business growth by making life tougher yet again, and [...]

Maternity Myths

Many of my clients have had it drummed into them over the years (not just by me!) that they have to be very, very careful when dealing with pregnant employees.  This has resulted in some employers becoming all but paralysed when they find they have a pregnant employee on their staff, believing that it is [...]

Disability Discrimination – Second only to Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

In the year to March 31 2011 Disability Discrimination Claims brought to Tribunal were second only to Sex Discrimination in the number of successful claims, and an average award of £14,137 was made with the highest being £181,083.  (Source DWP) The evidence suggests that for the year to March 2012, these figures are likely to [...]

Employment Law Reform Government proposals for change

Employers – BEWARE!  The government is planning to impose financial penalties on employers who have breached their employment law obligations.  Tribunals will have discretion to fine employers up to £5,000 for failure to comply. So make sure your infrastructure is right, your contracts and policies and procedures are in place and up to date, and [...]

No More Retirement, Managing Sickness – October 2011

Default Retirement Age Abolished From 1st October it is no longer legal to dismiss someone by reason of retirement, unless you have an ‘objective justification’ for doing so. So, no longer can you rely on a default retirement age of 65 when you know that your employees will retire. This is a hard one to [...]

Social Networking – Update. Agency Workers Regulations – Countdown to 1st October 2011. Employment Status – When is an employee not an employee?

Social Networking – Update There is no doubt that, like it or not, Social Networking has become a central part of our daily lives and that includes our working lives. It is not news that the potential cost to employers of misuse of the internet and social media during working time is estimated at billions [...]

When is a bribe not a bribe?, Social Networking and changes in Worker’s Visa arrangements.

Bribery Act 2010 The Bribery Act comes into force on July 1 2011 and creates four new criminal offences, namely: offering promising or giving a bribe, requesting, agreeing to receive, or accepting a bribe, bribing a foreign public official, failing to prevent bribery. What does this mean for small employers? All employers should read the [...]

Agency Workers Legislation, Paternity Leave and When Does a Notice Period Really Start? – May 2011

The new regulations on the employment of Agency Workers comes into effect on 1st October 2011. The implications for employers who rely on a flexible workforce to manage fluctuations in activity are significant. Are you ready for the change? From October 1st 2011 anyone employed by you as an agency temporary worker will be legally [...]

Employent Law Reforms – February 2011

The Coalition Government’s consultations on Employment Law and Practice are under way – will this really help Small Business? It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the coalition government’s plans to review employment legislation. So far very little has changed under the new government although we have been confused by the stop start approach that [...]

Statutory Retirement Age – January 2011

I’m Gonna Work Unitl I Drop! The Government has finally confirmed the proposal to abolish the statutory retirement age of 65 for employees with effect from 1st April 2011. This means that, unless you have a justifiable reason to impose a contractual retirement age in your business, retirement will no longer be a fair reason [...]

New Employment Law Legislation – January 2011

Does 2011 hail another year of change and confusion for small business owners? As 2010 draws to a close we have seen another year of change in the employment law arena, and this trend is set to continue into 2011 and 2012 with the implementation of further changes that will impact on all employers, whether [...]