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David Jessop – Success and Performance Coach

David Jessop

My Name is David Jessop. I live and work in and around the Bedford and London area, I’m a Success and Performance Coach, NLP Master and Goal Mapping Practitioner with over 20 years experience working with people from all walks of life to help them move from where they find themselves now to a place where they want to be.

My work with private clients has been to improve their self belief, self confidence, motivation and willingness to take action which impacts on areas such as work/life balance, stress, career, relationships, procrastination and a sense of taking control of your own future.

They have ranged from CEO’s to cleaners, mums to multi millionaires, managers to men out of work and all have had one thing in common, a desire and a want to change and to make that change happen now.

In the area of business, I work with clients to enhance the motivation and performance of their teams and the individuals that form a part of that organisation, to capture the ‘buzz’ that is often only experienced as part of a team building day or motivational seminar and to ensure that ‘buzz’ becomes a part of the daily culture.

My 15 years experience as a manager with companies such as Fujitsu, Coca-Cola and British Car Rental, aligned with a forces background and having achieved significant heights in swimming, gymnastics, skiing and martial arts, coupled with the expertise of being an NLP Master Practitioner allows me to help each and everyone of these unlock exactly what they need to unlock to enable this change to happen, to happen now and to sustain that change.

Business clients include the Police Service, YMCA, County Councils, Transport for London, Britannia Airways, the Education Sector, Waltham Forest Community College and a range of SME’s and local groups.

Each one of these have utilised my skills in their own unique way, many aligning coaching with existing training programmes to enhance the programmes themselves.

I have recently returned from the USA where I was a Keynote Speaker at the Global Leadership Summit in San Diego – an event for young people worldwide sponsored by Anthony Robbins.

Recently my work with Goal Mapping has been recognised and I was awarded by the Founders of Goal Mapping with their Academy Award for Life Lifter of 2010.